Request Quick Microcredits up to € 900

Has the bank denied you a loan again? Or does it give you “laziness” until you try?

It is increasingly difficult to ask for a loan from a bank. There are many requirements that require you and a lot of time and paperwork to finally find yourself with a refusal. Due to this situation, companies that grant money loans online have proliferated quickly and easily. An option that is the order of the day and that can help you in a timely manner.

Now, if you are considering using any of these fast money entities to get that extra you need, you must make sure you know the company in question and the conditions it offers. Apparently, all these online credit companies are just as good, but you have to look for the company that shows you the information in a clear way, that really gives you confidence and does not demand exorbitant interests.

Get online loans up to € 900

Get online loans up to € 900

Buenos Loan has been providing financial products to thousands of people like you since 2011. It is a Spanish company whose physical offices are in Madrid, although it only works on the Internet with the issue of granting micro loans.

His experience in this sector has allowed Buenos Loan to know what the client really needs: to get quick money to cover an unforeseen event or to pamper himself through a platform of trust and in a simple and transparent way. Therefore, in How good you can request a small loan of up to € 900 with a repayment term of 30 days, although if you are a new customer you can only request a maximum of € 300.

These types of mini-credits are designed to quickly dispose of extra money or cover unforeseen expenses at a specific time and not have to waste time with meetings and paperwork.

Requirements to request your small loan

Requirements to request your mini-loan

Far from what you might think, Buenos Loan does not demand very strict requirements for the granting of its mini-credits. In fact, its operation is based on covering the needs that traditional banks do not cover and granting mini-credits to all those people to whom the bank has refused a loan.

If you meet these conditions, in 10 minutes you will know if they grant you the money you have requested or not:

  • Reside in Spain.
  • Be of age.
  • Not legally have the disability to work.
  • You do not need an endorsement
  • If the amount of money is less than € 600 it is not necessary to have a fixed source of income such as a payroll, pension or unemployment benefit.

It is important that the data you provide in the form are truthful, since the concession or not will depend on the mini-credit. The process must be totally transparent.

How good you can request information from other banks to know if you have any unpaid loans. If this is the case, you must notify it and never hide this type of information. In this way, you will not waste time and you will know for sure if your application can be approved.

How to apply for your loan in Buenos loan 

  1. Decide the amount of money you need and when you want to return it. The maximum amount is 900 euros and the maximum return period is 30 days. Remember that if you are going to ask for the first loan with Buenos Loan you can only ask for up to € 300.
  2. Fill the form. Fill in all the fields of the form with the information requested. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes.
  3. How good it verifies your data and in how much the credit is approved in just 15 minutes you can have the money in your account. Easy right?

For example: Your car has decided to break down and just at the end of the month. You need € 200 today, to be able to repair it. The solution is how good. You enter its website, choose the amount (€ 200) to be returned within 15 days. Immediately, you will see the total value of the small loan, which in this case will be € 229.70. Without cheating or cardboard, that will be the total amount you have to pay for your loan.

You can also make the request through the App of What Good, without connecting to the computer. With your mobile phone you can also request your mini-credit from anywhere.

Loan repayment and possible penalties

Loan repayment and possible penalties

How Good will automatically charge your debit card the amount of your loan.

If you could not return it on your due date, you will be penalized € 20 and will be charged an interest of 1% on the value you initially requested. At most for 90 days. For this reason, we must understand this type of mini-credits as the solution to those unforeseen events that may arise as a fine, the car arrangement, an invoice that you did not have, etc., not as a way to get money periodically.

In Buenos Loan there is no possibility of being able to extend your small loan as it happens with other online small loan companies. But, on the other hand, if you pay your debt early, you save money. In this way, you will only pay interest on the days in which you had the money.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

As we have already mentioned, it is important that you choose a credit institution that provides you with all the information you need in a completely transparent way. Therefore, in Buenos Loan you will know exactly how much they are charging you interest at the same time you choose the amount of money you want to request for your mini-credit, without last-minute surprises. Transparency is, in fact, the factor most valued by people who have already requested a loan.

The expenses associated with your mini-credits will not change over time, unless you are late in payment, although you should keep in mind that the APR (equivalent annual rate) varies depending on the amount you request and the term in which You want to return it. You should keep in mind that this rate will be higher the shorter the period of time. However, Buenos Loan will provide you with all that information when you ask for your small loan.

As we have already told you, being a new customer they only let you initially request a maximum amount of € 300. Good to know you and check if you pay your loan in the agreed time. If so, you can ask for another loan without any problem.

How good it contemplates these mini-credits as the most effective way to deal with the lack of momentary liquidity. At the time of requesting it you have to be clear that you can face your return within the period that you have determined since it is the best way to not have to pay an extra euro.

Online trust seal

Continuing with its philosophy, Buenos Loan wants to give the greatest guarantee of security and transparency to all its customers. This is why it has the “online trust” seal. This seal is an official quality badge that only those companies that ensure maximum confidence and security when browsing or buying on their websites have.

It also has the Ecommerce Europe seal, a quality certificate that is recognized throughout the European Union and that reflects compliance with an ethical code.

These two stamps are a guarantee since they are synonymous with a strict quality, since they give the option of being able to make claims if at some time you have not received the treatment you deserve or do not provide the service they advertise. These seals of trust are also a highlight in the opinions of the customers of Buenos Loan, since at all times they feel backed and calm by having a completely official way to initiate a claim.

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