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Online banking organization

Created in 2006 and a subsidiary of the Cofids group, is an online bank offering its customers a complete range of banking products. In 2012 and 2013, it was rewarded with 6 labels of excellence.

By applying for a bank loan to finance real estate, the online bank offers you to subscribe to a bank loan insurance to insure your loved ones and your real estate assets: ” group insurance contract” You certainly know but today , with the law you can freely choose your insurance offer and thus lower the price of your bank loan .

Comparative insurance credit

Comparative insurance credit

Compare the rates and the guarantees of the loan insurance offer, and negotiate the individual credit insurance delegation with the organization in order to hope for savings of several thousand euros.

Individual loan insurance in outsourced delegation

Individual loan insurance in outsourced delegation

Discover all the solutions to ensure a bank loan according to your borrower profile with a loan guarantee untied.

When you purchase your loan, it is prudent to take out credit insurance to protect yourself against situations that may lead to an inability to repay the maturities of this new loan.

Borrower: The law helps you choose your loan guarantee

The Congilaw company offers you the opportunity to subscribe freely your insurance borrower with the insurer of your choice, which allows you to benefit from an individual insurance tailored to your situation and also reduce the cost of insurance in relation to the group insurance contract proposed by the lender.

Online Banking

Online Banking

is a online bank that has existed since 1987. It was born from the union of 3 Swiss International and Cetelem. It offers its customers a full range of banking services and products and offers a personalized relationship.

Lighten the cost of your credit buyback with a broker

In order to obtain the offer of repurchase of credit which is the most advantageous to you and to profit from a discounted tariff, it is recommended to you to call on a broker. The broker is a professional who acts as an intermediary between the borrower and the financial institutions. His role is to compare and negotiate the best credit offers and / or loan insurance for his clients. This one can make you benefit from the offer of repurchase of loan cheapest which corresponds to you the best. Reduce the cost of your loan redemption with the trading expert.

Loan insurance negotiated by the broker

You can negotiate credit insurance with your banker to save on your mortgage insurance? The broker allows you to calculate the rate of your bank loan insurance using our online borrower insurance pricing tool to compare the contracts of major insurance companies.

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